We are the University of Sheffield’s roleplaying society. We come from all walks of life, students and non-students, veteran roleplayers and people who are new to the hobby. If you enjoy roleplaying, or even don’t know what it is and want to give it a try, come join us!

We meet every Wednesday evening (starting around 6pm) and Sunday afternoon (starting around 12pm) in the Gallery of the Student’s Union, and you’re welcome to join us in the Interval bar afterwards for a drink and a chat.

Wednesday games are more likely to be campaigns, Sunday games are more likely to be one offs. A list of games being ran at the minute is available here.

We have an extensive library of roleplaying related books and magazines for members to borrow. So if you want to run or play a game and you don’t have the rulebooks, don’t worry, as we might have a copy! Have a look at this spreadsheet to check availability.

If you have any questions, problems, or ideas for the society we have a Facebook group or you can contact one of the committee. If you want to find out more about roleplaying, we run taster sessions at the beginning of the year (and one-off games on Sundays), and there’s more info about roleplaying here.

You can find important news and social events on the What’s On page, and also a list of the regularly running games for this semester (both Wednesday and Sunday). If you’re a GM wanting to run a game for the society, do get in touch with the webmaster with the details of your game so it can be put on the list.

Interested in joining?

There are several ways of joining the society:

  • Join us at Fresher’s Fair in Intro Week – we’ll be signing up members and handing out free dice at our stall
  • Join us at the Give-It-A-Go Taster Session in Intro Week – committee members will be signing people up at this taster session, and it’s a good way to dip your toes in the ocean of role playing games we’ll be running through the year
  • Join us by turning up to the first Wednesday session – there’ll be a committee meeting in the Gallery before the first Wednesday session, so you can sign up for membership with any of our friendly committee members then;
  • Join us at the Refresher’s Fair in January – if you’re reading this after the first few weeks of the Autumn Semester, the best time (the beginning of the next campaign semester) to join us is at the Refresher’s Fair in a similar manner as in the Fresher’s Fair (disclaimer: may not have free dice)

Membership is £3 (the minimum we can charge and still be considered an official uni society). For this you recieve:

  • A year’s membership in NoDDSoc and access to Wednesday and Sunday sessions (with every effort made by the committee to ensure you have a game to play/run)
  • Access to and advance notification for a range of roleplaying game events organised by NoDDSoc (extra charges may be required for charity events and the like, for obvious reasons)
  • Access to joint events which NoDDSoc is a part of (of which there will hopefully be more, this year)
  • Several discounts with local Sheffield gaming stores on roleplaying game products (last year including Patriot Games and Wargames Emporium)
  • Exclusive membership in a fun and friendly community of like-minded roleplayers in a safe and convenient environment for all (the society is committed to an egalitarian and inclusive membership policy, as is Sheffield University, and has one of the best track records for diversity of community)