Who are we?

We are NoDDSoc, short for Not Only Dungeons and Dragons Society, the University of Sheffield’s tabletop roleplaying society. We come from all walks of life, students and non-students, veteran roleplayers and people who are new to the hobby. If you enjoy roleplaying, or even don’t know what it is and want to give it a try, come join us!

What is tabletop roleplaying?

Tabletop roleplaying is co-operative storytelling, often with the help of dice and various rulesets. People each play a character and work together to build a story, almost always with the help of a game master, who helps guide the game. Well-known games are Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and World of Darkness, but there are hundreds more. For a more in-depth explanation go here

The list of campaigns running this year have been released and can be found on the Games page, our Facebook page or in our Social Discord.

We have an extensive library of roleplaying related books and magazines for members to borrow. So if you want to run or play a game and you don’t have the rule books, don’t worry, as we might have a copy! Have a look at the Library page to check availability.

Where and when do we meet?

In the 21/22 academic year, NoDDSoc is following a hybrid scheme of both in-person and online sessions, room limitations permitting, and as such – our sessions will be handled across our Games Discord server and in person.

We typically meet every Wednesday 18:00 – 22:00 for campaigns and Monday 18:00-22:00 for one-shots during term time.

When you’re not in character feel free to hop into our Social Server, where you can chat with the rest of the society.

How do I join?

There are several ways of joining the society:

  • Fill out our membership form and follow the instructions shown to become a member, receiving the benefits listed below.
  • Visit our stall at an activities fair hosted at the Sheffield Students’ Union, dates & times will be linked here when available.

Membership is £3. For this you receive:

  • A year’s membership in NoDDSoc and access to Wednesday and Monday sessions.
  • Access to our library of roleplaying books, which you can borrow.
  • Access to and advance notification for a range of roleplaying game events organised by NoDDSoc. We sometimes do run charity events where there is an extra cost that goes towards our supported charities.
  • Access to our Social and Games Discord Servers
  • Discounts with local Sheffield gaming stores; Patriot Games and Wargames Emporium
  • Exclusive membership in a fun and friendly community of like-minded roleplayers in a safe and convenient environment for all

If you have any questions, problems, or ideas for the society then let us know via our Facebook group, Discord server or by email.