The Committee

The NoDDSoc committee are the friendly people who keep the society running. This year’s committee are:

  • Dice Dragon: Thordok (Your Majesty/Highness)
  • President: Nathan Raj (He/Him)
  • Operations Officer: Lucy Comber (She/Her)
  • Finance Officer: Nathan Whitmore (He/Him)
  • Inclusion Officers:
    • Joe Bamford (He/Him)
    • Alexander Cass (He/Him)
  • Social Secretary: Christopher Tompkins (He/Him)
  • GM Coordinator: Charlie Thomas (He/Him)
  • Librarian: Toby Lamotte (He/Him)
  • Webmaster: RON (N/A)

An introductory message for each committee member was shared in a newsletter shared through our Discord and email, and can also be seen here. In addition to this, you can find our committee responsibilities and more society information in our constitution.

If you have questions, problems or ideas – these people are the ones to ask. You can contact us on Facebook, Discord, or by Email. Committee meetings are to be held at 16:00 on Wednesdays over our Discord server mentioned above. These are held in the meeting channels and members can participate via text and voice at specific intervals. Any changes to meetings are announced via our weekly newsletter and within the Discord ahead of time.