Society General Meeting

On the 22nd, we will be holding a Society General Meeting to vote on some proposed changes to the society constitution, which will be attached to this post for everyone to view.

The aim of these changes is to codify the roles of the Committee Members to ensure that each of them is fully aware of their duties to the society, and that essential work is done for the society, as to date, some things, such as the games list and members list have been done by a variety of committee members, and no one person had responsibility.
In addition, the second set of changes is to codify our AGM process, as we believe the system we currently have, a show-of-hands, is very open to social pressure, even with the “eyes closed” procedure, thus we wish to turn it into a proper balloted election, to hopefully reduce this.
Please feel free to discuss the proposed changes with us, either on this post or via email, we welcome any feedback.
Finally, we are now offering to book spaces for our members in the Student’s Union. If you wish to book a space, please message Jez or email us with the times you’d like, as well as the number of people you need a room for, and we will endeavour to book an appropriate space for you. This is not just for during the exam period, if anyone wishes to book space outside of regular NoDDSoc times during the year, we will do so then. Please be aware, we will be recording who has what spaces booked, as with all our bookings, we are responsible for the state the room is left in, so if you trash the place and we get charged, we’ll pass the charges on.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

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