The Nationals

Hi guys,

The National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships (the nationals, for short) are on the 21-23 of April, at the University of Nottingham’s University Park Campus this year. It might seem a long time away, but time flies and things need to be organised in advance.

The nationals are a really fun annual gathering of university societies. It’s technically a competition, but the main focus is to meet up with new people and have fun roleplaying, possibly in systems you haven’t played before.

Here’s the info pack. If you want to book rooms on campus I suggest you do so early. As with the Christmas meal, someone will be going around taking names and your three category choices in the next few weeks. The nationals cost £25, and it is first come first serve on your game choices.

A reminder we are looking into getting a coach this year.

The deadline for paying and choosing games is the 7th of December, but if you can pay earlier that would be great.

It’s a really fun experience which many of our members have gone to every year, so I hope many of you sign up.

If you won’t be at Wednesday sessions and want to go, message Rebecca on Facebook or send an email to

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