Wednesday Campaigns

Wednesdays 18:00 on our Games Server and the Gallery area of the SU.

Wednesdays are our campaign day, where people play in the same ongoing story throughout the year, with the same group and GM. We officially start at 6 but this may be subject to your GM.

Please be considerate of others who may not have experienced TTRPGs before or who cannot access games outside of NoDDSoc. In the coming year, we will be running a hybrid system for games – with a limited space for in-person games, and the online space provided. If you are considering running a game, please contact our GM Coordinator Charlie Thomas.

It may be possible to change campaigns due to issues that may have arisen, however, please bear in mind that many GMs will already be at maximum capacity so not all games can be switched to, any questions contact a Committee member.

Running a Wednesday Campaign

Any member is free to GM a campaign during our Wednesday sessions, if interested, and can sign up to do so using this form.

Due to restricted space in the union, we cannot confirm space for all GMs that want an in-person game, but we will work to assign space to games that need it. Please note that some restrictions remain in place to ensure members of the society are kept safe in person. You can find our official COVID policy in this document that will be up to date as the year progresses. In any event where games can’t be ran in person, we will work to provide an online space to run them in.

Please be aware it will be a year-long commitment. If you do not feel confident enough to GM a campaign, or unsure you can make the commitment, GMing a one-off during our Sunday sessions is a good way to gain practice. The committee have released a set of rules to ensure copyright laws are respected within our servers.

If you wish to learn more about GMing there is an area on our society’s Social Discord server dedicated to supporting GMs new and old. Otherwise, send an email to our GM Coordinator Charlie Thomas.

One-off Sessions

Mondays 18:00 on the Games Server and In-person (Location pending)

On Mondays, we hold one-shots, where anyone can come along and GM a short story. The week before each Monday we will be collecting what one-offs are planned via a google form, and we aim to publish the list on our Facebook & Discord in advance on Friday. Games are also announced on the day, and then people are free to join the game they are interested in, on a first-come-first-served basis with a priority for GIAG attendees.

This year we are hosting the National Student Roleplaying and Gaming Championship, so people looking to GM can use Mondays to practice their GMing.

If you wish to run a one-off on a Monday fill in our google form, or send us an email.