Wednesday Campaigns

Wednesdays 6pm Gallery in the Students Union

Wednesdays are our campaign day, where people play in the same ongoing story throughout the year, with the same group and GM. We officially start at 6 but this may be subject to your GM.

It is possible to change campaigns due to issues that may have arisen, however please bare in mind that many DMs will already be at maximum capacity so not all games can be switched to, any questions contact a Committee member.

Running a Wednesday Campaign

Any member is free to GM during our sessions however as campaigns are well underway, new GMs will be refered to the Sunday sessions. Please be aware it will be a year long committment. If you’re not confident enough to GM a campaign, or unsure you can make the commitment, GMing one-off during our Sunday sessions are a good way to gain practice.

If you wish to learn more about GMing there is a section on our society’s Discord server dedicated to supporting GMs new and old.

Sunday Games

Sundays 1pm Gallery in the Students Union

On Sundays we run one-shots, where anyone can come along and GM a short story. The week before each Sunday we will be collecting what one-offs are planned, and we will publish the list on our facebook in advance. Games are also announced on the day, and then people go to the game they are interested in.

This year we are hosting the National Student Roleplaying and Gaming Championship, so people looking to DM can use Sundays to practice their GMing.

If you wish to run a one-off on a sunday contact a committee member via Facebook or send us an email at