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This is a breakdown of our Resource & Tools spreadsheet that NoDDSoc GMs can use to improve their game sessions.


So I have been building a spreadsheet of resources that would be helpful for NoDDSoc GM as games have switched online due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

GM Resources & Tools Master List link.

There are 15 sheets on the spreadsheet to organise the links. There is a list of various guides and useful links that NoDDSoc has created for you in the first link.

The next 2 sheets contain a list of Free/SRD-based RPGs that we allow rule-sharing on our Games Discord Server. It is pretty comprehensive but do let us know if there is anything new. There is also a list of VTTs I checked out and think are stable and of enough quality, for you to play online with. I also created a Discord server template that you can use for Discord-only play which is set-up with all the channels and roles you could want.

Digital Aids contains a list of various campaign management tools or aids that make play more interesting. Give it a look to see if it will be of help for you. The same applies for the Discord bots sheet, if you are using Discord to communicate and play. Various GMs in the society have given me a list of their favourite bots so give them a look to see what would be helpful for you. If you want to use them on the games server, just let our webmaster know and they can enable the bot for you.

Maps are an incredible resource for games. They help you and players visualise the game world. I have collated some software that GM s have recommended for world maps here. There is also a few options for city or town maps. Then there is even more for dungeon maps. Now, of course, you may not have time to sit down and prep a map for your session, so I have also collated a list of map collections you can leverage to speed up prep time.

Tokens and Handouts are great things to be able to show your players the NPCs they met or the items they collect. See the linked sheets for resources for both.

Now if you don’t have time to prep for a session, the Random Stuff Generator sheet is probably up your street. Lots of cool nifty option to spark the idea well so you can improv up a session.

Next, I have collated a list of various advice from celebrity GMs that you may be useful in terms of levelling up your GMing.

Finally and perhaps the most important, the bribe sheet has a link to the best places that you should be taking reroll bribes from. 😉


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