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Month of Worldbuilding

A breakdown of our recent Month of Worldbuilding event. Aimed to help flesh out our member’s homebrew worlds as well as let them show off their creations.

The Month of Worldbuilding ScheduleBack in February, we held a Month of Worldbuilding. We focused on everyone’s projects breaking down key topics and letting people share their notes and gather inspiration.

The first week was focused on the setting. So we started with the World Map before drilling down into the climate. Once we had that nailed down we looked into the races and how they communicate and form nations and the trade that springs out from that. Once people had shared that we had a look at what people saw both in the night sky and in the various landmarks in the world.

The second week focused on Philosophy. We had a look at how the various cultures saw creation, as well as the various studies of their world/existence. Then on day 11, we had a look at the various myths that existed and stories that were told over campfires and dinner tables. With that, we had a look at how death is viewed by the various peoples as well as their cultural practices.

Then the third week was focused on Society. We started it by looking at the future and how children were educated and treated. Then we had a look at music and food, two key elements of our day to day life. Then a look at cultural trends as well as holidays. Capping off the week we had a look at disease and sanitation and how the weakest in society are treated.

The final week was focused on History. We started it by keying into the best and worst days in settings past. These are the moments that everyone is aware of. Useful to have in a campaign guide for any new players. Then we had a look at the flora & fauna of the world. Now, this may seem odd in a history section, but through our own history, the discovery of farming was vital to our progression to our modern-day life. Then we had a look at legendary artefacts that people may have heard about from lost civilisations. Then we had a look at timekeeping before finishing off the month with some free time.

We hope that people find this helpful to break down their worldbuilding and to patch any gaps. If you have any thoughts, let us know in the comments or send us an email at

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