Important Dates

20/21 Academic Year

Our usual sessions will be held online throughout the year in respect of the current guidelines that are in place.

  • Soon: Society EGM
  • Summer: Collaborative Mega-Dungeon building event
    • Build Thordok a new lair!
  • 15th September: Orientation Week GIAG
  • 22nd September: Intro Week GIAG 1
  • 26th September: Intro Week GIAG 2
  • 29th September: Campaign sessions Start (one-offs)
  • 3rd October: Sunday One-Off sessions start


Postponed until 2022

The Nationals is an annual gaming convention for student groups (and friends!) from all across the UK and beyond! It’s an action-packed weekend of board gaming, card gaming, tabletop and live-action roleplaying games, and wargaming – along with traders, artists, and a dizzying array of evening entertainments!

Following an announcement on April 13th, tickets that were purchased have been refunded. There are hopes for the event to rescheduled for a weekend close to Easter 2022.