Important Dates

Taster Sessions

In the run up to our first official session, we will be running a series of taster sessions. In these sessions we will be running a selection of one-offs in various rpg systems. They’re a good good opportunity to try out the hobby and see what you think before committing to a long campaign.

Please be aware due to the nature of the sessions, we advise people to arrive on time to ensure they get in a game. We may not be able to fit in people arriving late. The ending times do also depend on the exact one-off being played are are just guidelines.

Tuesday 17th September – Orientation Week Taster Session
4-7 pm Activities Zone in the Student’s Union

Our first taster session of the year, this session is mostly for new international students, but others who are already in Sheffield are welcome to drop by.

Wednesday 25th September – Give It a Go
6-10 pm  Gallery in the Student’s Union

Our Give It a Go session, this will take place in the same place as our usual sessions. Don’t worry if you don’t know where the Gallery is, we’ll have people near the entrance to direct people. Be aware even though this is a give it a go you don’t need a ticket and can just turn up.

Sunday 29th September – Sunday Taster Session
1-5 pm  Gallery in the Student’s Union

Our last taster session before the start of the year. Again we will be directing people to the gallery if you can’t find us.

Other Dates

Wednesday  2nd October – First Official NoDD of the Year and Campaign Tasters
6-10 pm  Gallery in the Student’s Union

Our first meeting! We will be introducing our committee and giving out society based information, before moving onto game announcements. The years campaigns will be announced, and then people will find a game to join (Be aware some games are popular and do fill up quickly. ) GM’s will have prepare a one-off in the game system of their game for the session. This is to give you a chance to see if you like the DM’s style and the system. Also a last minute taster session in case you were unable to make the others.

If you enjoyed the game you get a place a in the GM’s campaign, however if you feel the specific game was not for you there are opportunities to swap to a different campaign that has space. We do ask you let the GM know so they know they have space for others. GM’s should understand if you wish to swap, not everyone meshs with every game or GM.

We recommend you come to this session to give a greater chance of getting in the campaign you want, as most will fill up.

Announcements start at to give  time to go through them and leave time for the one offs.

Anyone is free to DM. For more information check out the Games page.

Sunday  6th October – First Official Sunday Session
6-10 pm  Gallery in the Student’s Union

Our first Sunday meeting. Sundays are typically for one-offs and run very similar to our taster sessions, though we hope to have a list of the games planned each sunday on our Games page and Facebook. Anyone in the society can run a one-off, and its a great way to test the waters of this GMing.

Wednesday  9th October – Start of Campaigns and Character Gen
7-10 pm  Gallery in the Student’s Union

This session is typically a character gen session for campaigns, though campaigns with shorter character gen will also be starting, the others will start the week after.

We will have announcements of games that aren’t full for those who wish to swap games, or missed the week before. If you are choosing to swap games, please let the GM you played with the week before know, so they can advertise their game for others.