NoDDSoc Live Action Roleplay

Greetings NoDDSoccers (NoDDSocians? NoDDSocites?)
The Committee have been in discussions recently over the potential of NoDDSoc holding a LARP (Live-Action Roleplay), possibly in association with some other societies (Namely Assassins or Medieval) and, whilst we are still in the early stages of assessing viability, we’d like to know the rest of NoDDSoc’s opinions on this idea.

What we’re wanting to know is:-
Would you be interested in this/happy for us to invest in it?
What would you want to get out of it?
Would you want a more social game, or more combat?
What sort setting/genre would you prefer? Fantasy, Sci-Fi? Horror? etc.
How frequently would you like us to host a game?
Would you prefer an ongoing campaign type arrangement, or different genres as one-off sessions?
How much would you be willing to pay to play? (This is largely because we will have to have insurance, equipment, props etc which may not all be covered in the funding we could get. But all “profit” would go back into the society)
And lastly, we would also be looking for people that would be willing to help out in the running/planning of the venture, whether that’s acquiring equipment, monstering, writing plot, refereeing and so forth.

Please contact us with your thoughts, either in a comment on this post, a message to one of the committee, via our NoDDSoc email, or via this survey:

The Committee

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