The Library

We have an extensive library of roleplaying related books and magazines for members to borrow. So if you want to run or play a game and you don’t have the rulebooks, don’t worry, as we might have a copy! Have a look at this spreadsheet to check availability.

Finally, a word from our librarian:

If you want to take a book out of the library, message me and I’ll bring it to the next meeting of NoDDSoc.
If you want to donate books, magazines, or any sort of rpg resource, please do so. A note will be made in the book and in our inventory, so that future generations can marvel at your generosity in supporting the great and noble endeavour that is NoDDSoc.
We are hoping to expand our collection (through purchases) this year, so if you have any requests or suggestions, please let me know. I’ll have some updates on this soon.

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