Society AGM

Hi everyone,
Just to reiterate what I said last night, and for those who weren’t there, our society AGM, where we elect our committee for the next year will be on the 29th of March.
We need nominations in for the various positions by the 22nd to ensure ballots can be prepared.
The positions available are listed below, with their responsibilities to the society. To run for the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer or Inclusions officer, you MUST be a student at the University of Sheffield during the year in which you are on the committee, but all other positions are open to any member of the society.
We MUST have at least a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Inclusions Officer for the Society to run next year, so nominations for these positions are especially important (We currently have 1 nominee for President and Treasurer, but no others of these positions)
Please note you can run for multiple positions, but President, Secretary and Treasurer are exclusive roles, so cannot be combined with other positions.
If you wish to nominate yourself, please send an email to noddsoc(at) or contact myself or Jez to be added to the ballot.

Rob (President)


• Call Meetings of the Committee
• Ensure other Committee Members are performing their roles
• Ensure that the role of any committee member unable to do so is done, either by themselves or another committee member

• Regularly check the society’s email inbox, and reply to emails as appropriate
• Attend, or ensure a committee member attends, necessary events with regards to the Society.
• Build games list at the beginning of semester, to be passed on to the Social Secretary
• Take minutes at meetings of the committee
• Regularly send emails to the society mailing list, ensuring that the society is up to date with events and important information
• Ensure that the society has space to run by booking an appropriate space within the University
o In addition, aid society members in booking spaces to run games outside of     NoDDSoc regular sessions, and keep a record of who is using such spaces and when.
• Collect nominations and prepare ballot papers for the AGM

• Manage the society’s accounts
• Guide other members in the process of purchasing for the society
• Take membership fees from new members of the society
• Keep an up-to-date list of society membership
• Take other fees at society events, including, but not limited to:
o The Student National Roleplaying Championships
o Christmas Meal
o 24 hour Charity event

• Mediate in disputes between members of the society
• Ensure GMs and players are briefed in regards to trigger warnings in regards to games
• Ensure that no member of the society is excluded on grounds of race, gender, sexuality, religion etc.

• Maintain and up to date list of games available through the society, and ensure that members wishing to participate can be found places in games.
• Organise socials and events for the society, including, but not limited to:
o The Student National Roleplaying Championships
o Christmas Meal
o 24 hour Charity event
o After Session Drinks at Interval
• Organise the purchase and distribution of society merchandise, e.g. Hoodies, T-Shirts, Dice
• Liaise with other societies with regards to joint events

• Maintain the Society Library
• Maintain an up to date, and easily accessible, inventory of the Society Library
• Ensure members of the society have access to all items contained within the library

• Monitor the Society’s Student’s Union account and forward relevant information to appropriate Committee Members, including, but not limited to:
o Online memberships to the Treasurer
• Maintain the Society’s Google Drive on the area, to ensure information and resources within are easily accessed by the Committee.
• Support other Committee members with online communications
• Update and maintain the Society website with necessary information including, but not limited to:
o An up-to-date list of games available through the society
o Upcoming Society Events/Socials
o Contact information for the Society

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