At NoDDSoc we have a substantial collection of rule books and adventure modules for various tabletop roleplaying game systems, any member of the society can request access to the books in the library by contacting the society’s librarian.

For the most up to date information of what is in the library, along with which books are checked out, please check this google sheet or see below.

You can request to loan a book here, and feel free to drop any suggestions into our suggestion box.

Copyright Notice

Please be aware that NoDDSoc has rules in place around sharing copyrighted material via our online platforms. See the linked document for the document explaining the rules here. If you have any questions or queries about this please contact our Librarian.

GM Tools

If you are GM, we have collated the following list of resources to help you when you are at the table.  There is a wide range of sub-categories to help organise the information. You can view this resource here, and see a brief overview of the tools below.

If you have any suggestions for updates or changes, please contact our GM Coordinator Alex Cass